Blouse: RACHEL Rachel Roy | Skirt: F21 | Jacket: Target | Shoes: Talbot's IMG_0973




Hi Everyone!

FRIDAY. GET ON ME. Party all around! And just for the sake of it, i'm giving ya'll a few more !!!!!!

So get yo' party hat on, guys. It's Friday and i'm in love. Naw, just playing. But Tears for Fears sure is good. Speaking of Friday, I wonder how many songs have the word Friday in them. Let's take a gander, shall we?

  • Last Friday Night - Katy Perry
  • Friday Night - Lily Allen
  • Getting Down on Friday - Rebecca Black
  • Get 'Em Out By Friday - Genesis

Any more?

Anyway, have a killer weekend. I'm thinking of being Fred Durst for Bay to Breakers, so i'm sure you'll get an eye full on Monday morning.

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Until Monday!


Photos by Lucas Mayer