Lazy Day

Jacket: H&M via Andi | Sweatshirt: Bought at a street fair in SF | Pants: F21 | Shoes: H&M | Necklace: H&M Ya'll, this caption says it all.

Mantra for lyfe


The bro-iest of them all!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thursday! I hope you're all having a grand day. Work has been a little nutso for the several weeks due to the launch of a company we are representing. They launched yesterday, so I needed to be comfy while running all over like a chicken with its head cut off.

And in that case, I'll wear one of my most favorite sweatshirts that I won't publicly come out and say that I wore to bed the night before, buttttt...

ANYWAY, how cool is this damn sweatshirt? "Drink Beer and Make Stuff." That's all you need to know. I scored this pup at a street fair with local San Francisco vendors in Nopa. Also, I fully realize i'm becoming more and more San Franciscan. Street fair, SF vendors? What's next, only getting organic?!

Oh, and if any of you were wondering, the Mr. Marina Competition was HILARIOUS and super fun. I'm a little bummed out that I didn't receive any solid chest bumps and Natural Light wasn't flying everywhere (It was Peroni guys. SO MUCH CLASSIER) but hey, i'll just wait until the Mr. Mission Competition where I will be ensured that i'll get a tall boy of PBR (HOLLA!) and find someone to take my fixed gear bike I'm trying to sell. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, have an amazing day and just as an FYI the posts may be a little lighter in the next several days as I'll be traveling to Austin for work!


Photos by Lisa Wilson