Ebbs and Flows

Jacket: F21 | Blouse: F21 | Pants: F21 | Shoes: Talbot's Actin' a fool!


This is my, "Oh! Who me?" look. IT'S WORKING.

Hi Everyone!

HAPPY HUMPDAAAAAYYYYY! So I feel like this outfit isn't really "me." And I know that sounds weird because you're probably going, "Well Aimee, you ARE the one who is wearing it so it has to be 'you' somehow." Anyway, sometimes I like to get out of my comfort zone and throw something on like this. Super comfortable, flowy and I mean...you can't go wrong with jeans. AMIRITE?

Also, today is the first day of Spring so i'm sure my family in Ohio is loving that. I feel like sometimes we get cheated in San Francisco because we rarely have those 80 degree days but then I think back to not only how frizzy my hair got in the humidity (scurry) but also how sticky it was? Woof. I'll take SF weather any day.

Speaking of hot, i'm going to the Mr. Marina Competition tonight in San Francisco. For those of you who don't know, the Mr. Marina Competition is held annually and is the who's who of bros in the Marina. May the bro-iest win them all. I expect several chest bumps and OAR to be playing.


Photos by Lucas Mayer