Get Ready Now


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Hey Everyone!

I hope you're having a great Friday and looking forward to a long President's Day Weekend! I know i'm ready for some MAJOR R&R. 2013 has already been a year full of changes from co-worker's pregnancies, friends changing jobs, starting this blog, etc. It's been a wild two months and for some reason, i'm feeling very reflective and lucky to be in a city I love, working with amazing people and surrounded by uplifting people!

Once again, the hat makes an appearance and i'm starting to realize I need to invest in several more. This will be my mission during the long weekend so if you know of any solid places to get them...let me know! Do you all have any fun plans for the next few days? I think i'm checking out Land's End (my first time since i've lived in San Francisco), brunching (naturally!) and saying goodbye to my friend Nora as she goes on to her next journey in Washington D.C.

Enjoy the sunshine (in SF, at least!) and have a great weekend!


All Photos by Lucas Mayer