Weekend Snapshots


Awesome Friday night at Soma StrEAT Food! My favorite was the sushi burrito I had at We Sushi Just another Saturday in San Francisco!

Dolores Park on a Sunday

Watching the sunset at Sutro Baths

My favorite part of the weekend was meeting this little gentleman

Too unique not to pick up!

A Valentine's Day Card from my lurdy Emily!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great and long President's Day Weekend! Friday I was still unwinding from the busy week so my roommate Andi and I decided to head over to Soma StrEAT Food Park. Honestly, I think Friday  solidified it--one of my favorite places in San Francisco. Tons of food truck vendors ranging from Frozen Kuhsterd (I got an amazing Golden Graham topped sundae!) to my personal favorite We Sushi where I had a killer sushi burrito. Guess i'm really in San Francisco now, eh?

Saturday and Sunday were spent lounging and enjoying time with friends who were visiting from out of town and actually moving out of town, too! The amazing 70 degree weather called for an IPA at Zeitgeist (please tell me you're as obsessed as my friends and I are!) and watching the sunset at Sutro Baths. Absolutely gorgeous. Oh, and did I mention that we ran into Patty McGroin, candidate for Empress of All San Francisco? Needless to say, I was impressed by the amount of feathers in that outfit.

Throw in a hallo from an English Bulldog and I believe it's been a President's Day for the books.

Have an amazing Tuesday!