Friday Staples


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Hi Everyone!

IT'S FRIDAAAAAAY! Can you tell i'm excited? As the title suggests, this outfit incorporates all my Friday staples to bring me across the finish line to a solid weekend. Flats, my faux-leather jacket, scarf and hat. On The Ohio Transplant, you'll find me wearing this hat fairly often for several reasons. Two are below:

  1. San Francisco gets a bit chilly in the evening and I heard that all the heat rises out of your head...I need to Google this so I know it's accurate, but you get the gist.
  2. I really, really, really hate working with my hair. Along with #1, I also heard that washing your hair every day can cause serious damage. So, I choose not to. That's my story and i'm sticking to it. Wearing a hat makes it so easy to just get out the door with minimal effort.

Along with the hat, i've been trying to incorporate more flats into my wardrobe. Not only because I imagine i'll have hobbit feet (sorry for the graphic image, ya'll) for scrunching my toes into small shoes by the time i'm 50, but because they are damn easy to get off the bus in. Another sidenote: I have to walk several blocks (uphill and downhill) to catch my bus. More likely than not, i'm running to catch the bus. It's a pretty crowded bus so a lot of people get off at my stop. I usually feel awkward and when I get off, either fall over my feet, maxi skirt, other people, etc. etc.

THUS, wearing flats guarantees no wardrobe/balance malfunctions!

Anyway, I think i'll carry this look into the evening because I have no shame & it's damn comfortable. HOLLA.

Do you all have any fun weekend plans?