Seein' Red






Hi Everyone!

Happy Humpday! It's a rainy one in San Francisco today and due to the gloomy weather, I thought i'd take a hiatus from wearing a skirt/dress and put on these ridiculously comfortable jeans from H&M. I love it when jeans have unexpected details like a side zipper or patterned pockets so when I saw these bad boyz from H&M, I had to snatch them up.

It will become quite evident to you that I have a fondness (coughobsessioncough) for the following three thing:

  • Hazelnut coffee (HOLLA NOAH'S!)
  • French Bulldogs (I'm following several French Bulldog users on Instagram...creepy? Probably)
  • Leopard things

I believe the last one is most likely the winning one. Everything from shoes, belts, shirts, pants, etc. I love leopard. I can't help it. My friends know of this obsession, much like the other two. Ain't apologizing for it.

Now that we have that out of the way, I found these Steve Maddens and instantly fell in love. It wasn't that hard, especially with the $20 price tag. Yes, i'm justifying that...

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day. Mid-week, we can do it!