Sweater Weather






Hi Everyone!

We've come across an unusual heatwave in San Francisco and I am now regretting the sweater that i'm wearing today. To make up for the silliness, I decided to wear it backwards. YES. Backwards. I've seen people do this a lot and always thought it was strange/cool/"oh, wait...i'm wearing it backwards? But that's cool and 'in' right now, right?" kind of schtick.

I paired this fun floral sweater with my roommate Andi's badass full leather skirt (we share clothes like crazy so i'm sure you'll see more of her items on TLT) and I was out the door. Adding to the excitement of the random bursts of sun, I thought i'd get wild and throw on some fun lipstick I snagged at Sephora this weekend. I have, however, been getting it on absolutely everything (evidence below).

I have to ask, is there any lipstick you're all a fan of that doesn't go everywhere? If so, let me know and i'll be the first one to snatch that bb up.

I hope you're enjoying the week & getting back to the grind!  So, TREAT YOSELF. I did with a little pick me up: my vice commonly known as Diet Coke.