Best Of – 2016 Recap

Our time livin' in 2016 has come to a close, y'all. Well, almost. But before we bid adieu to the year that some people call the crappiest in a long time, I'd rather reflect on a few positives. 

2016 was the year that...

  • I finally became comfortable in my own skin
  • Found my amazing photographer (and friend) Lisha 
  • Pushed boundaries in terms of blog collaborations
  • Fell in love (cheesy, but true!)
  • Moved in to a cozy little apartment with above said love
  • Visited amazing places like Israel 
  • Made new friendships and maintained old ones
  • Ran a few half-marathons and then some! 
  • Set my sights on my career and found out what it means to work hard
  • Learn that you only have control of your life and your feelings – no one else's
  • Read a lot of self-help books and learned A LOT
  • Went straight Eminem style and downsized my closet – quite a bit

So stoked for what 2017 has to offer. Ready to tackle the new year with grace, a good attitude and show the world my badassery. Also, wanted to show a few of my favorite outfits from the year because why the hell not? :) 

Cheers to a beautiful new year!