Dress: Everlane via Crossroads Trading | Shoes: Zara (similar here) | Hat: Lack of Color Australia

I’ve always been a hat lover, but this hat is special. It makes me feel like a badass cowboy. And I guess the snakeskin cowboy boots don’t hurt either.

If you’ve been on Instagram within the last several months, you’ve probably heard of Lack of Color. Needless to say, I too, felt the pangs of longing after eyeing them for awhile while scrolling my feed. So, I decided to make the first move and go on their website to browse. Let’s just say it’s a bit overwhelming.

First off, there are a TON of options. From wool to straw, there’s a lot of variety making it hard for any one whos suffers from indecisiveness. Another thing is that the photos of the actual hats, well…aren’t ideal. The models are BEAUTIFUL, but when it comes to actually wanting to see the hats on real people, it’s a bit hard.

REGARDLESS, I made the jump (well, my mom did as a gift for my birthday) and snagged the Zulu. It’s chic, perfect for everyday, and I LOVE IT.

Now I just need to figure out what else to wear with it! Any help, y’all?

Photography via Kristen Mario Studio