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Dress: Free People | Jacket: H&M via Crossroads Trading | Boots: F21

Hi Everyone!

So, I recently went through my closet with the help of my wonderful and dear friend Courtney. She helped me get rid of a ton of clothing that has been in my closet for years. Bless her.

All in all, it took around an hour and a half. While going through, Courtney commented on the many "bohemian inspired" dresses I own. Maybe it's a mandatory rule that when you move to San Francisco, you have to own a bohemian dress for every occasion. Perhaps it's something that over time, you grow to learn and and love. Regardless, I love these damn dresses.

I've been coveting this dress from Free People for quite some time. I've been quite modest in the spending department, so I waited until this bad boy went on sale. Luckily for me, it did on GILT! I used a few credits I had toward the dress and in just a few weeks, this baby was mine. It's flowy, easy to move in, and has pockets. I consider that an epic trio.

I'll also admit that I'll continue to wear these damn dresses until either I get too old to look "cool" in them or move to a different city. Both, will likely not happen. I hope.



Photography via Tory Putnam