Sweater: H&M (similar here) | Jeans: Old Navy | Purse: Zara (love this cute mini!) | Shoes: Charles David

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! The next few weeks until the holiday are usually always madness. Have you felt it already? If so, I'm with you. 

My work's biggest quarter is usually this one, so needless to say, I've been working on holiday content for what feels like two or three months already. 

So, what I'm getting at is that it's a busy time (not just for me) but for everyone. Shit, it's kind of stressful at times. That being said, the holidays (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.) are some of my favorite times of the year. 

I love the cheer, the smell of Christmas trees, the food (yesss!) , and friends and family. And while it can be stressful, yes, I think it's the perfect time to treat yourself. 

A few months ago I noticed a lot of stiffness in my neck and back. I'm blaming it on working at a computer all day and working out a few times a week, but some of it was definitely stress induced, too.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I decided to treat myself to a massage. I've had plenty of massages, but I never found a place where I felt super comfortable. In fact, one time I went to Japantown to get a massage where the woman told me my legs weren't the same length. She then decided to "fix" that and well, a lot of uncomfortable and awkward happenings ensued. But, that's a story for a different day. 

After feeling constant tightness in my back and neck, I finally booked a massage at Spa Radiance a few weeks later. It's a quick walk from my apartment in Pac Heights and once I got to the spa, I was immediately greeted and asked if I needed tea or water – way to go hydration! 

After a few gulps of water (and chocolate covered raisins), I met my massage therapist April who led me into the room and asked me what she needed to focus on. First of all, April is a GD angel – she was so kind, thoughtful and was absolutely perfect. I literally think I had the best massage of my life – no joke, y'all. It was insanely relaxing and what made it better was that she used specialized oils to help relax my body (and my mind) throughout the entire experience.

I left the treatment feeling so relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to start my week. If you're looking for a last minute gift for a friends, loved one, or even yourself - Spa Radiance is the place to go! Not only do the perform massages but they also specialize in waxing, facials, scrubs, makeup and more!