Statement Skirt

Skirt: BCBG via Macy’s | Shoes: Sutro Footwear | Sweater: H&M | Beanie: Zara

It’s a fact that I really never dress weather appropriate. From wearing skirts in the winter to sweaters in the summer, more often than not I’m found saying, “what was I thinking?”

Buuuut for me, when I found this skirt at Macy’s, I couldn’t resist. Something about it felt super refreshing – a piece I could wear in the spring and then transition with a few slight tweaks into fall. Maybe it’s the emerald green color or the handkerchief hem. Regardless, I snagged it and felt compelled to wear it immediately.

Since we’ve had some cool weather, I wanted to pair this with a cozy sweater (and naturally, a signature beanie). Throw on a pair of these badass boots that I’ve worn non-stop and to me, this is a perfect outfit to throw on that’s trying, but not too hard. :)

Photography via Ashley Beschell