Weekend Snapshots

Gorgeous view up above at 620 Jones. Weekend outfit: Baggy t-shirt, boyfriend shorts, scarf. Amen.

The ladies strollin' through NoPa - Court and Shiks.

Re-fueling at Blue Jay Cafe.

One of the sexiest bars in San Francisco, 620 Jones.

Preparing my body for the 10k Mermaid Run. WOOF.

Just making out with a Frenchie. No big thang.

Veggies from the Fort Mason Farmer's Market!

This year's Alamo Square Flea Market!

I see you creepin, GGB.

Escape from San Francisco. The most hilarious hour i've spent in the city in awhile.

Great way to end a jam packed weekend.

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! I hope you're having a great day and enjoying all this week has to offer! This week is going to fly by as I have a visitor from Ohio coming to visit and little odds and ends in between!

This weekend was, for a lack of a better word, great. Grabbed drinks at the ever so swanky 620 Jones (killer roof!), checked out the 30th Annual Alamo Square Flea Market (snagged a hat for $20!), brunched at Blue Jay Cafe (natch), Fort Mason Farmer's Market, Escaped from San Francisco (You gotta check it out!) and a few runs in preparation for The Mermaid Run.

Letz do this, Monday!

Until tomorrow!