I Like Big Pants And I Can Not Lie

I’ve always been a fan of oversized clothing. From shirts to dresses to pants, my motto has always been “the baggier, the better.” It’s not because I don’t like my figure – far from it, actually. I just think baggier clothing has a lot more opportunity. Whether you’re tucking, rolling, belting – the styling options are (for the most part) endless.

Lucky for me, this oversized “trend” is quite popular as of late. Shapeless clothing has been dominating our feeds and I’m here for it.

And as I look back, I wanted to share some of my baggier pant looks because If I’m not swimming in it, I’m not interested.

After digging a bit further, I’ve come to some conclusions or shared similarities on the pants you’ll see below:

  1. High-waisted isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. Since I have a small torso, high-waisted pants give me a bit more length. Or, at the very least, make my legs look a TEENY bit longer.
  2. I’ve paired all these pants with open toe shoes. Maybe it’s to show the ankle or that I actually have 10 toes, but interesting none the less. I’m going to chalk it up to balance and that showing some toe allows for the look to not seem so “dense.”
  3. Give me flair or give me death! Overall, these wide leg pants aren’t boring. They have a little something extra going on. From fringe and floral to metallic and belted, they all have some things that give the pant (and look) a little extra oomph!

So, there you have it. Wide leg pants in all their baggy, oversized glory. Are you a fan of the trend?