Weekend Snapshots – She's Baaaack

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So it's been a few months since I've done a typical Weekend Snapshot post. For awhile, I kind of was like, "Who the hell cares about my weekend?" But after chatting with Andi, she said that it honestly was a nice way to catch up on what I did the past few days and gave an element of realness to my blog. 

I missed sharing some of my weekends – even the ones that weren't so eventful. Even if it's just walking around the city with Bolt and Tom or grabbing beers with friends, I'm going to start slowly adding in more Weekend Snapshot posts. 

And here, I'm showing my fab Memorial Day Weekend getaway with my friend Cait! We stayed at the awesome Basecamp Hotel for Camp BC – basically an adult spin on summer camp! From sailing on Lake Tahoe to craft beer tasting with Outpost Brewing Co. it was a weekend to remember.  Some highlights:

  • Eating Taco Bell not one, but two times in a 24 hour span
  • S'mores and stories outside by the fire 
  • Sunset sail on Lake Tahoe
  • Morning yoga 
  • Shibori tye-dying
  • Quality time with mah girl Cait before she leaves!