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Blazer, Earrings & Jeans: H&M | Shirt: Old Navy

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Later this week I'll be traveling to Portland and Salt Lake City for work and up until now, I got away with really wearing whatever I wanted to work.

From PR to advertising, I was always in a pretty creative role giving me the liberty to rock distressed jeans or even sweatshirts.

But now, ripped jeans don't really fit the bill and I've had to really shop mindfully for things that I can wear in a partner meeting or on the weekend. 

So, after a few meetings I've learned a few things such as...

Blazers are the ultimate outfit staple. You can dress them down (with jeans!) or up (for me, I'd wear a fun checkered slack from Zara) or if you can swing it, black leather pants! Loving these from Topshop or H&M!

Blazer too stuffy? Rock a cropped leather jacket in either black or if you're feeling super daring, a colored jacket. This one from Madewell is super cute! 

Cool flats, ankle boots or open toed shoes are king. I usually take day trips so anything that will be comfortable when I'm running around, conducting a brainstorm, etc. are my favorites. 

Slightly oversized blouses are perfect for layering or just wearing as a stand alone. I'm obsessed with Everlane's simple yet modern styles (especially this one). In fact, let's be real – Everlane has the best shit for work evah. 

What do you think? 

Photography via Julia O Test