Best Of 2017

So even though it's a little delayed, I wanted to share some of my favorite outfits of 2017. And what a year it was. A lot of things happened – both good and bad. We elected a downright loser for President, I went through a gnarly breakup, moved out of that apartment, moved into another (holler Duboce Avenue!), met a wonderful man who became my boyfriend and best friend, moved in together, traveled to Amsterdam and Copenhagen and so many more moments in between.


That's a lot. Buuuut, even more than all of the those, I shot a lot of outfits for the blog. Some questionable (oh yeah), some downright weird, and some pretty badass. Regardless, I wanted to share 6 of my favorite looks for 2017. 

Ready to tackle 2018 with some fire and excited to create even more rich and compelling content for y'all. 

Let's do this!