Casual Friday


Happy Friday, guys! Even though it's been a short week, getting back to the grind in four days has proven to be juuuust a bit difficult.

And now that we're at Friday and the end of the third week in 2018, well, I have a few thoughts. To be completely honest, I'm not entirely happy with the progress I've made thus far. My 2018 goals are getting a slow start and I've found that I've been subconsciously super hard on myself. 

A lot of these thoughts have been running through my head:

"I'm not exercising enough"
"I'm not reading enough"
"I'm not acting with purpose"
"I'm not being social enough"

And the list goes on and on. Man, it's a drag. I think having resolutions put so much pressure on ourselves and while I like to rebrand them as "goals" I feel like sometimes it's not enough.

Sounds a bit taxing, eh? After a meditation class I took yesterday (my first one!), I was super surprised with the result. The entire class was focused on being "present." Tuning out of the chatter and checking in with yourself. THAT'S IT. 

Sounds easy, no? While surprisingly difficult, I felt all of this pressure lifted (even if for an hour or two). And afterwards, I felt more aware and hell, even a bit more joyful.

I realized that I (sometimes) take life a little too seriously and while that's all gravy – sometimes I just need to get over myself. So here we are. :)

I hope y'all can unwind, find some peace during the weekend and hopefully let your freak flag fly – if even for a little bit. 


Photography via Hannah Anisa