Hey BB!


Cue Salt-N-Pepa – "Oooh, baby, baby!" because today I'm sharing my best friend Andi's baby shower that we hosted a few weeks back! 

While I've worked at Pinterest for almost two years, I'm not crafty what-so-ever. BUT, when your bestie is pregnant, well, you gotta get creative. 

Before we get into it, a little backstory. Andi told me she was pregnant in early May and I couldn't have been more excited. I've known Andi since the first day of college and it's been seriously such a joy to be her friend and watch her grow over the years. From early twenty-somethings adventuring SF solo to mid-twenties and opting for wine over Natural Light, we've definitely grown up a lot – and most importantly together.

So, when she told me she was due in January, we knew that we wanted to throw her a super special shower. Unfortunately, I'm not a huge planner and with the holidays coming up, finding a space was a bit tricky. Luckily we found this amazing venue off of Peerspace (one of my absolute favorites to use whether it's for a meeting or a party). 

The Peerspace is located on 24th and Mission (in the city – woo!) and was filled with west elm furnishings, a gorgeous kitchen space; ceramics and tableware made by MMClay, Luv Haus, and Block Shop Textile – a perfect backdrop for a party.

Ali was a rockstar and made delicious cookies (and a rice krispie treat cake!) and we had loads of La Croix, craft cocktails (made by Cocktails Like Whoa!). Shout out to Bi-Rite (and Rob!) for providing the delicious sammies (I had at least six). 

Wanted to share some other photos, but it was so fun ringing in Little Baby Burd who should be getting here in less than a week or two!