Dress: Zara (similar-ish here) | Shoes: Freda Salvador (love these!!)

When it comes to taking outfit photos, I'm a last minute kind of lady. I've never been a good planner, so often times the morning of the shoot, I'm running around my house like a mad woman pulling things together that "hopefully" look cute. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't.

So this outfit was one of those. I was running around like a loon, scrambling to get ready after waiting two hours in a Freda Salvador sample sale line (I know you guys, it's all about choices). 

I don't know how I feel about it to be honest, but I feel like it could work in some capacity? HELP GUYS. I need fashion advice. And a good cobbler because those Freda babes are a half size too small. Ouch. 

Photography via Alex Arias