Weekend Snapshots: OSL Edition

Know those days where you want to just slay the week? Surprisingly, after a fairly busy weekend, all I want to do is kill it. Maybe it's all the caffeine (I'm sure) or maybe it's my upcoming trip to Cancun (that's probably it). Regardless, I'm ready to rumble like one of the women from GLOW. 

Anyway, the past few days were pretty great – especially with the anticipation of Outside Lands. Many brands had some events to get you pumped but one of my favorites was with Boohoo and sharing their upcoming fall line. I mean, that red coat is pretty bananas. I don't even care if I look like Macklemore. 

But before I go into OSL, I wanted to share my Friday. I checked out YOU'RE ALIVE with Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony & Midtown Social at Great American Music Hall. And in light of all the bad and ignorant shit that's going on in the world, this was just what I needed. The entire night's mission? To come together, to find common ground, love & camaraderie, to fight for our communities, way of life, & rights—and to stand together as one. 

Pretty epic, right? I'd definitely suggest you take a look at the next one that'll roll through San Francisco. 

So, let's get into Outside Lands, shall we? I love music, but even more than the music, I love the food at Outside Lands. Some people go, "Well, Aimee. Why do you go to a festival for the food when you can get better stuff at their restaurant?" To that, I say, "When will you ever be in one place again where so many delicious vendors are. AT THE SAME TIME." 

I know I covered four food trucks to nom on as a precursor to the festival, but I was amazed by how many other vendors will showin' their support this festival! In terms of food, there were appearances by Rich Table (holla Porcini Doughnuts), Itani Ramen (Fried Chicken Gyoza), and of course, Monk's Kettle and their epic Pretzel Knots. 

In terms of music, some highlights? Real Estate, Kaytranada, and while A Tribe Called Quest canceled (twice!), it was fun to hear the sounds of Metallica when walking out en route to Little Star for some deep dish after a long day.

If you went to the festival, who'd ya go see?