4 Food Trucks (And Carts) You Gotta Try: Outside Lands Edition

I've been going to Outside Lands for a looooooong time. Probably since my first year in San Francisco. Does that make this my sixth year?! EEP. If so, I've learned a few things and have some tricks up my sleeve (wear layers). And as I get older and more crotchety, I've started to discover one thing about myself: it ain't a good festival if there ain't good food.

So, that being said, I'm sharing my four food trucks you gotta try this weekend. Oh, and bring a jacket. I know. I know. You want to look cute. Forget about it. 

4505 MEATS

DOES THIS LOOK SENSUAL TO YOU?! Well, it does to me. I mean, honestly. Brisket, beans, and buns. Who needs anything else? To me, 4505 is a staple at OSL. You need to fuel up for the day on the cheap? Stick with their epic cheeseburger and wash it down with some of their signature chicharrones. 


First off, I'm a FREAK for pie. So I'm preeeeeetty stoked to try Three Babes berry crumble this weekend. Also, what's more comforting than mac and cheese when it's in the low 60's and you're freezing your tail off? In my honest opinion, not much. Not only does it look tasty AF, it looks downright picture perfect. You best believe I'll be Instagramming the shit out of this meal. :) 


When you're four drinks deep and need some sustenance, head to Rich Table's booth for an afternoon delight. Or really any time of day delight. These Porcini Doughnuts are the B-O-M-B. They are one of the most popular items on the menu and I can see why. THEY ARE TASTY. Also, the raclette dipping sauce is stuff dreams are made of. Better be careful because after four drinks, I'd probably be taking shots of the stuff. 


If you're taking a break from consuming copious amounts of alcohol or just need a refresher, head on over to Boba Guys – your trusty place for boba milk tea. They'll be servin' up their signatures along with Fruit Tea Frescas to sip, 'gram, and enjoy.