Hi all! Happy Thursday! If you've been following me on Facebook and IG and well, checkin' this blog you know it's been a preeeeetttty busy month or two. So, that being said. I'm taking some time off. From blogging and from work. But don't fret – it's only for ten days.

I struggled with the commitment of posting every day or so while traveling to Amsterdam and Copenhagen. One side of me definitely wanted to keep up with writing and posting – it's my baby and I love this blog! And on the other hand, I felt exhausted by it all.

The last few months have been "emotionally stimulating" for me. And yeah, that sounds weird but man, it's the truth. From ending a relationship and moving to a new apartment to going to New York and now to Europe, it's been nothing short of exciting (both good and bad). To be totally real, I'm a bit drained. A girl can only take so much, you know?

So, I won't be posting while I'm in Europe. And I hope you can dig that decision. I'm excited to disconnect (sort of), explore, stay present, and eat all the things. It wouldn't be a trip if I didn't take photos though, so I'll be posting intermittently on Instagram and Facebook

Cheers, y'all!