Things To Do In Amsterdam – Travel Recap

After a long weekend in Copenhagen, we decided to jet off to Amsterdam. WAY bigger. Way more populated. One great thing (among many) about Europe? Traveling to other countries is e-a-s-y. Our flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam was around an hour and a half and only cost around $130!

I have a co-worker who used to live there give me a ton of recommendations along with my bestie Emily who visited a month earlier.  They both said it was magical and I have to agree. Copenhagen is charming. Amsterdam is bustling. It kind of reminded me of New York City on a much smaller scale. Similar to New York, the city has this energy about it that makes it pretty infectious.

So, it’d be only fair to share my Amsterdam recap since I shared Copenhagen last Friday. Here are some of my faves below:


Hotel V Fizeaustraat
I haven’t stayed in a hotel in some time, but man, I’m so happy we stayed here. It’s located in East Amsterdam so it’s around 15 minutes to get to the city center by bus/car. From the looks of it, it’s like something straight out of Palm Springs with mid-century modern pieces all over. And from what I heard, they’re authentic and specifically picked for this hotel. Oh, and the staff is pretty babely, too.


Hotel V Fizeaustraat
I’m always weary of hotel restaurants. Can you blame me? Usually it’s lackluster and kind of “meh” but I was very, very wrong about Hotel V. From the hotel brunch to their dinner, it’s delicious. And like I said earlier, the staff is caaaaayute. If you stay in the hotel, breakfast is included and dinner is pretty inexpensive, too.

If you’re visiting in the near future, I’d suggest starting off with the ceviche, the rice salad and end with the cod. YUM!

Hummus Bistro D&A  
Seriously, epic hummus and fresh Mediterranean food. This place is no frills, but that’s why I like it. Get a few things and share. I’d opt for the hummus, shakshukha, and tons of pita.

Winkel 43
Get the apple pie. Trust me. It’s out of this world. Pro tip: Share a slice – they are HUGE.

Coffee & Coconuts
Surprisingly, Amsterdam has a ton of healthy options. Juice shops galore, but this spot is perfect for a delicious snack or brunch. Just go here. It’s good – I promise.


Brouwerij ‘t IJ
It’s a brewery IN A WINDMILL. And if it’s nice, sit outside!


Van Gough Museum
Touristy? MAYBE. But you have to do a little of that while you’re there, right? It’s really interesting and goes quite in-depth about the artist’s background, life, trials and tribulations. Oh, and did you know he cut off his ear and gave it to a prostitute? Woo!

The largest park (and probably busiest) park in Amsterdam. We went when it was hot AF and people we drinking, lounging and biking. It was lovely and reminded me of Golden Gate Park – but with less fog!

De Pijp
Located directly south of Amsterdam's city center, De Pijp is a cool neighborhood that reminds me of the Mission. They have a TON of cool spots to check out, stumble upon, and the shopping is awesome! I didn’t know this, but “concept stores” are BIG there. And from what I read, concept stores are experiences you can’t re-create online. Some of my fave shops in De Pijp were Charlie + Mary and All The Luck In The World!

Explore other parts of Amsterdam
We went to Haarlem (yes, but not in NY) and it was probably one of my favorite days during the trip. I’m just going to say go, see it for yourself. It’s beautiful and less crowded than Amsterdam – something I’m starting to enjoy as I get older. Regardless, the people are kind, helpful and knowledgeable! GO!