Glen Park Hangs

Dress: Zara (this pattern is so happy!) | Jacket: F21 (love this long version!) | Shoes: Target 

A few weeks ago I met up with Julia and headed to Glen Park to hang out, explore, and shoot! Even though I've been in SF a fairly long time, I still haven't really made it south to see what it's all about. Sure, I've been to Diamond Heights and Bernal, but Glen Park seemed pretty neighborhood-y. 

That being said, we made a pitstop to Destination Baking Company and by golly, it was charming AF. If you're looking to get out of your comfort zone, make a pit stop to Destination, grab a coffee and pastry and wander through Diamond Street where there's cute little cafes, restaurants and markets. 

Even better? The views are outstanding and because it's so tucked away, it really feels like a beautiful neighborhood where everyone knows each other. Maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's kind of my dream. Like the Cheers for neighborhoods, you know? 

Anyway, if you have a free Sunday morning here's where I suggest checking out:

Destination Baking Company: Delicious and tasty treats and the people that work there ARE SO NICE. 

Canyon Market: Independent grocery store that's full service. Grab some beautiful blooms outside or all the cheese you can handle. Which for me, is a lot. 

Glen Park Library: Charming library where you can rent a variety of books at your leisure! Yessss

Any others in Glen Park worth noting? Let me know! 


Photography via Julia O Test