Bucket List

While I would call my style “all over the place” I definitely have a love for bohemian pieces. With flowy dresses being a personal favorite, I’m always on the search for the next must-have piece.

I’ve written about Marrakech Clothing before, but after my rendezvous with this anorak (I wear it all the time), I knew I had to explore a few more of their pieces.

I’m loving this Harley dress that seriously has a perfect combination of whimsy and edge. The dress is actually dyed to get this unique look and is made of 100% silk so it feels super luxe.

While definitely delicate, I wanted to add a bit of edge with my go-to denim jacket that kind of, well, roughs it up a bit. And of course, living in San Francisco, layers are not only needed but essential.

I also snagged this insanely shirt jacket that I can’t wait to share with y’all later. 

And to top off the look, I paired it with my all-time favorite – a Dagne Dover bag. This Ava bucket is super on-trend and wildly versatile. Seriously, it's my favorite.  And, if you're like me and lose everything in sight (fo' real), this bucket bag has side pockets, a center console, and chain for your keys ensure nothing is left behind. Woo! 


Photography via Julia O Test