MNT10 Challenge


While I've always loved working out, I've had a challenge saying motivated and energized. Early morning wakeup calls left me feeling super exhausted with little will to head to the studio. 

But, the holidays are upon us and I felt the need to kind of well, restart my body. Whether it's Thanksgiving or Christmas, I've historically over indulged – making me just feel "meh." You know the feeling.

So, when MNT had their MNT10 Challenge, I totally jumped at the chance to wake my body up and refocus on my health and wellness!  

And I have a confession...I only did 9 classes in 14 days. But damn, I'm still pretty proud. To be honest, that's A LOT (in my book). I kind of started the challenge with a chip on my shoulder. Thoughts like "how would this even affect my body" or "this is only like an hour stretching session" went out the window after the first class – these classes will rock yo' body. 

First and foremost, MNT is a beautiful studio. It's modern, eclectic, and super well designed. The classes? Even moreso. During the two weeks, I took barre, reformer pilates, mat pilates, and yoga classes. They were super epic and never knew how sweaty I could get from a barre class. 

After the first week, I felt like a total badass. I was sore – but not overwhelmingly so. In fact, the soreness felt, well, kind of good. After the 7th or so class, I even noticed some ab definition! SAY WHAT. 

Overall: MNTSTUDIO is the real deal. The owner, Elaine is the definition of lovely and the space is inspiring. The classes will challenge you, push you, and ultimately change you. I loved my challenge and surprised even myself at how far I could go. 

Looking for a studio to call your own? MNTSUDIO is it. Check it! 

Photography via Suzanna Scott