Cool It

First Look: Jacket (similar) | sweater dress 

Second Look: Jacket | blouse | pants 

It's been freezing in San Francisco lately, so bundling up is the only thing I want to do. Luckily, layering up is easy (and still fairly fashionable) with some staple pieces from Anthropolgie. 

I'm usually not a sweater dress kind of girl, but this eyelash dress is the perfect piece for layering and is super feminine. I paired it with a kimono-like jacket in a bold color to break up the outfit. 

And when a sweater won't do, a heavy-duty jacket is essential. This Collared Sienna Coat is elegant, cool, and oh-so classic. The fur collar adds a luxe feel and to give it more of a street vibe, I rocked a pair of wide leg trousers and a blouse that picks up the color in the fur stole. 

What are some of your favorite coats or winter pieces this season?