Weekend Snapshots

Hi Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! I had a pretty eventful week/end and I'm just catching up on life. That being said, a few highlights from the past few days!

  • Hanging out with A.G. Ferrari for their annual holiday party. True to form, I indulged in way too much salami, cheese, and met their import consultant Massimo who taught me the importance of Italian desserts. 
  • Celebrated my lovely and wonderful friend Courtney's 30th birthday wine tasting in Oakland. One of my faves? Minimo! 
  • Got schooled in how to edit photos with the Adobe Photoshop Elements team! We had a beautiful day where I learned the in's and out's of photo editing and how versatile the program is! Seriously, this program makes organizing and editing your photos SO easy and beautiful! 
  • Got my inner zen on with Kristine and the Mighty Pilates team. Such a good workout that I suggest everyone try! The studio is beautiful and your abs will thank you. 
  • Two holiday parties! Ittai and I have now had our fix of festive fun with his holiday party on Friday and mine on Saturday. Needless to say, I'm detoxing for the remainder of this year. Maybe. :) 
  • Discovered and tried out the most amazing nail service over the weekend – Nail Habit! Basically, Nail Habit is a monthly curated collection of cruelty free and non-toxic nail polish from some of your favorite brands. My favorite is this Habit polish in a beautiful shade of green. Like a sparkly, badass Christmas tree, you know? 

Hope your weekend was brilliant, y'all!