4 Figure Flattering Dresses

#1: Handkerchief Dress

I toy the line between modern and bohemian, but in this case, this handkerchief dress won. The hemline gives a  feminine, whimsical vibe that's perfect for San Francisco and still appropriate to wear to work. It's a little Stevie Nicks and when paired with a leather jacket, it gives the dress a modern edge that's hard to beat (pun intended). Love the bohemian print and length of this one from Macy's! 

#2: Slip Dress

I've had this slip dress from Zara for several years and to be honest, I'm going to keep wearing it until it's in shreds. I love the sexy vibe of this dress on its own, but also love how damn versatile it is. Funk it up with a striped t-shirt underneath or add some street-style cool with a bomber jacket and some Birks. I seriously can't get enough of this bad boy and truly think every lady needs to have one in their closet. Love this version from Zara, too. 

#3: Shift Dress

These shift dresses are classics, y'all. I don't really need to go into the laundry list of reasons why this style should be in your closet, but if you want an item that stands the test of time, well, go for this number. I'm obsessed with the modern and retro vibe of this style from Tobi that works perfectly when I'm at the office or at an event. 

#4: Midi Dress

It's no surprise I'm short. Well, I guess you can't tell unless you've met me. Well, newsflash: I'm 5'2. I need a step stool to reach the glasses at my apartment. So, when I was introduced to the midi dress trend, well, I thought my height would make the entire dress look awkward. When I found this Who What Wear dress, I was immediately drawn to the pattern and was curious about the height. One thing that makes this dress different is that the front hits my knees, but the back hits my lower legs. Some would call this a mullet dress, but let's face it: I'm party in the front AND back. So, for all you naysayers who claim they can't rock these dresses, stop talking about it and start doing it! I promise you'll like the way you look (I'm singing the commercial as I type). You can find a similar dress here