Black & White

Dress: Tobi | Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Shoes: F21 (similar)

Hi Everyone!

It's kind of crazy how styles, especially your own personal style, evolves over time. I remember (along with my friends) "phases" I explored and went through. You know, only wearing florals, rocking MASSIVE (seriously) earrings, wearing nothing but skirts for a quarter straight.

And while trends and fads change, it's no surprise your own personality and sense of style changes, too. Over the last year, I've been such a big fan of black and white. It's classic, modern, and well...easy. It really goes with almost anything.  In my eyes, that's a big win.

So, when I found this Tobi dress, I couldn't help but be drawn to it. A little black, a little white – the perfect Oreo combination. Even better? It's versatile as all get out. I wore this to work with a little heel and threw on a jacket to grab drinks and dinner with Ittai. If that's not the perfect piece, well, I dare you to challenge me :) 

Also, when they say "Don't wear white after Labor Day" - absolute BS. Rock it whenever. 


Photography via Lisha Wang