4 Favorite Views In San Francisco

There' something super captivating about San Francisco. Maybe it's the architecture and the unique homes that line almost every block. Maybe it's all of the sub-neighborhoods that come together to form this crazy place. Whatever it is, I absolutely love it here.

After being here for 5 years, I've come to know the city pretty well. I have my go-to bars, restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. I even have narrowed down my favorite places to check out the view here, too. 

It was hard narrowing them down, but here are 4 of my favorite places to catch the sunrise, sunset, or creepily people watch:

Dolores Park: On sunny days, this park feels like Miami Beach (throw us a bone here). It's the ultimate place to meet up with friends, picnic on the grass, and publicly drink out in the open without feeling like you have a problem. All types of people come to this newly renovated grassy area and I have to tell you, it's the ultimate melting pot in San Francisco. My tip? Grab a few beers and some snacks, people watch for an hour and head over to Bi-Rite for some ice cream.

Sutter-Stockton Garage: It's nothing fancy, but it sure does make a pretty rad impression. I snapped this on a particularly foggy day, but it's the perfect place for a photoshoot or to catch a beautiful view of the sunset in the Financial District. 

Corona Heights: Need I say more? Wake up before sunrise, hike to the top (wear layers), and take in the breathtaking views. I've never felt more calm than I have at the top of Corona and being in this busy city, well...that's saying a lot. Pro tip: Don't wear sandals. I learned that the hard way. 

Billy Goat Hill: This picture perfect location is nestled far out in Diamond Heights, but it's a beautiful and super residential spot. You get a semi-similar view to Corona Heights, but are able to see more residential homes and to me, feels a bit more tucked away. More special. If you're lucky, the tree swing will be there. My recommendation is to take a spin – it feels like you're flying.