Relax to the Mask with Yes To!

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We all know as a twenty-something, life can get a little chaotic! From juggling work, seeing friends, spending time with my boyfriend and finding room for a little “me” time, well...sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s enough hours in the day.

That being said, when I do find some free time to have fun, I’m allllll about treatin’ myself. You know how it is. Treating myself can look a little differently depending on the day. Sometimes it’s picking up a gossip magazine after work and reading it on the couch. Other times it's indulging in my favorite food – mozzarella sticks.

Most recently, I’ve been treating myself with beauty products and treatments. I love night creams that focus on hydration and makeup to experiment with! I also love finding the time to update my hair at a salon or if I’m feeling really wild, pamper myself with a facial.

So, I’ve come to find out that treating yourself gets expensive. And salon visits aren’t a reality – it’s a special once-a-few-months occassion.

Luckily, I found these amazing single use face masks from Yes To and am 100% obsessed. I’ve used this many a times and while I look a little hilarious while wearing them, afterwards my skin feels rejuvenated, refreshed, and totally glowing.

Not only are these bad boys waaaay less expensive than a spa treatment ($2.99 a pop!), but they also give me the ability to multi-task while treating myself. I was able to squeeze some time with my friend and fellow San Francisco blogger babe Cait for a catch up sesh after brunch one day. I learn a hell of a lot from Cait who has been blogging for years, so we caught up about tips and tricks, laughed at weird YouTube videos, and just relaxed – while we masked.

I have pretty sensitive skin so I was super into the Yes To Cucumbers Single Use Calming Paper Mask that gave my skin some extra TLC (aka: reducing my skin’s puffiness and calmed it down!). Another favorite is the Detoxifying Charcoal mask that detoxifies and cleanses my pores. Also, charcoal is having a moment so I loved being a part of the bandwagon.

Sound like a pretty ideal spa day but without the hours or money lost? I definitely suggest these masks 100%! From hanging out on the couch in the evening to an early morning house clean, these masks are easy-to-wear, smell amazing, and are inexpensive. Win/win!

For a limited time, Yes To is throwing a mask-time contest to encourage fans to share with what you do during your “mask-time.” Share your selfies, videos, GIFS on Instagram with the hashtag #yestomasktime for a chance to “host” a mask party full of party essentials (movies, drinks and food!) for you and your closest girlfriends!

Remember to use the dedicated hashtag and tag @yestocarrots in your post for a chance to win! The winner of the fab party will be announced 7/23. So get creative, have some fun and say #yestomasktime!


Photography via Tory Putnam

This post was sponsored by Yes To and as always, all opinions are 100% honest and my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that partner with The Ohio Transplant!