Black + White

_MG_0336_MG_0348_MG_0354-2_MG_0422-2_MG_0432-2_MG_0448 Jacket: Crossroads Trading | Dress: Who What Wear via Target | Shoes: F21

Hi Everyone!

You know those pieces of clothing that you put on and you automatically feel like a million bucks? Well, these pieces do it for me. I feel cool, confident and pretty damn sexy in something as simple as a black dress, oversized denim jacket and (short) heels.

So, that brings me to my next question. What's sexy? Is is a body con dress with 6 inch stilettos? Is it a pair of boyfriend jeans and massive sweater? Or is it a pair of yoga pants? Whatever makes you feel like you can conquer the world – wear it. do it. work it.

Life's too short to feel (and be) anything less than fuckin' fabulous.


Photos via Kai Sotto