International Excursions

Israel Hi Everyone!

2016 has been a pretty busy year and it's only June. There's been no shortage of big life events, moves, and experiences. One of those is happening in less than one week – birthright and my first trip to Israel!


I know I'll gain a lifetime of extra-special experiences that I'll remember forever. So, I've been prepping. Well, sort of. I've been trying to learn more about the culture, the history, and the weather. Oh yeah, this time of year I heard it's hot. I mean, really hot.

Also, I'm a notorious terrible packer. So, I thought I'd make a little internal checklist on what to wear when traveling to Israel. Or anywhere scorching hot, really.

Upfront notes: No room to do laundry. We're on the trip for 10 days will be changing hotels or places to stay daily. Bring modest clothing so skirts that go past the knee and shirts that cover shoulders. (This may be more of a challenge).

So, here we go y'all:


Underwear – From what I heard, bringing around 14 pairs for 10 days is appropriate. Seems to be a lot, but it's going to get hot and no one likes to be swampy. Especially me.

Socks – I don't own socks, really. I love havin' my feet breathe. But we'll be walking quite a bit and for 10 days straight sooooo, I think it'd be in my best interest to have a pair for every day.

Bathing Suit – Thinking the Dead Sea won't appreciate my naked body, so a bathing suit must do.

Jeans – For walking and exploring. Assuming this will take up most of my trip, I'd say bringing 2 to 3 pairs will suffice.

Hiking shoes or comfy tennis shoes – A beautiful excuse in my mind to channel my inner Cheryl Strayed and buy some hiking shoes.

T-shirts –  I'll be living that 100% Cotton lifestyle for the next 10 days so I'm assuming 10 shirts will work.

Hats – This is a requirement of the trip and if y'all know me this is no problem at. all. <3


Sunscreen – Seeing as I have fair skin, I'll most likely be lathering up 24/7

Toiletries – Cleanliness is next to godliness. Soooo, a toothbrush, hair brush and soap may be helpful.

Water bottle – H2Ohhhh yeah.

Anything else, guys? Since this is my first trip to Israel, I'm a little doe-eyed so suggestions/tips/advice is very much welcomed!!