Friday Foodin'

IMG_5623IMG_5625IMG_5626 Happy Friday, y'all! We made it. Now it's time to sleep in, eat good food, and have a beer. For realz, though.

Earlier this week, I woke up way too early for my own good and met a friend in lower Fillmore to the newly opened Wise Son's Deli. With several locations around SF, Wise Son's has made a name for themselves for being a damn good deli. And making a damn good corned beef sandwich. And, more importantly...making a damn good bagel.

They're hard to find in SF, sadly. One thing New York has on us, that's for sure (perhaps the only thing). :)

All jokes aside, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Wise Son's and no one was there. Granted, it was 7:30 in the morning but the last time I swung by I was greeted with a line out the door.

The menu is vast. The bagels are hot. And the schmear is uh, schmeary. I opted for a classic Sesame bagel with lox schmear and topped it off with some tomatoes, onion and "dragged through the garden." I had no idea, but was informed it was a mixture of hippie greens mix, cucumber, pickled onion, radish. So good. 

So this weekend, I urge y'all in SF. I promise it'll be the best bagel you'll ever have.