Wine About It

Aimee-23Aimee-24 (1)Aimee-25 (2) Hi Guys!

Happy Friday! I'm definitely ready for the weekend, are you? So, I have to let y'all in on a little secret. I'm a lush. Shhh.

I know, I know. Predictable, right? To be honest, I never had good wine before coming to San Francisco. Many days were spent chugging PBR in Ohio (don't hate it) and if my friends and I were feeling fancy, we'd indulge in a jug (yes, a jug) of Carlo Rossi. No shame.

However, when I came to San Francisco it all changed. Now, I was surrounded by wine aficionados, experienced drinkers, and wine slurping savants. I had to get in the know and learn fast.

Luckily, Napa and Sonoma are close by to the city allowing me the opportunity to get up there every now and again. So, what's my point? Well, I don't really have one other than the fact that I've come to associate myself as a "wine drinker." Sort of.

I know what I like. And I guess most can't say that, right? For me, I'll all about the reds. So, when I tried the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Cultivar, I was a happy camper and re(a)d-y to go. (Indulge me, will you?)

Also, wine makes a few things better. One instance is drinking red wine while cleaning out my closet.

Last night, my main B Andi came over and helped me do the dreaded "clean out." We ordered Thai, uncorked some of Cultivar's Cab Sauv, and organized the hell out of my closet. While it didn't make the process hurt any less (I have any emotional attachment to my clothing, guys), drinking wine, talking to my best friend, and helping declutter my life wasn't only needed, it was necessary.

So,'s Friday. What are y'all waiting for. Drink up!


Photos via Tory Putnam