Getting To The Point

Aimee-17Aimee-22Aimee-24Aimee-25Aimee-28www.EddieHernandez.photography_AimeeRancer_20160207_025 (1)www.EddieHernandez.photography_AimeeRancer_20160207_020 (1)www.EddieHernandez.photography_AimeeRancer_20160207_016www.EddieHernandez.photography_AimeeRancer_20160207_038 Outfit 1: Flannel: F21 | Shirt: Lacson Ravello | Pants: Old Navy (similar) | Shoes: Rothy's (The Point)

Outfit 1: Overalls: Target | Bag & Shirt: Old Navy | Hat: Cary Lane | Shoes: Rothy's (The Flat)

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Since starting at Pinterest, I've been a big fan of walking to work. Often times, I give myself an hour to walk from Pacific Heights to SOMA. It's my time to listen to This American Life, catch up with Mom, enjoy the stillness of San Francisco mornings, and everything in between.

That being said, an hour commute in the morning calls for comfortable shoes. While I love, love, love heels – well, they're just not realistic. Save 'em for the weekends and for happy hours. My feet will thank me later.

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to the flat department. Now that tennis shoes are cool to wear, I've been rockin' them on the reg. However, tennies can be limiting and don't go with much. Thank goodness I found a pair of flats from Rothy's that can keep up with my life and handle my morning commute.

These flats are stupidly cute and insanely comfortable. Pointed flats that are comfy, you say? YES. In fact, the fiber is made of 100% recycled water bottles. They're breathable, flexible, and oh-so attractive.

Have you fallen in love yet? Thought so. Snag a pair for yourself and you'll most definitely have happy feet.


Photography via Tory Putnam and Eddie Hernandez