Small Touches. Big Difference

IMG_7972IMG_7973IMG_7975IMG_7978IMG_7987IMG_7993IMG_7999IMG_8012IMG_8023IMG_8026IMG_8033 Hi Everyone!

A lot of exciting things have been going on during the last few weeks and I'm so excited to bring y'all a fun collaboration with Fab! Now, I'm sure you've seen the commercials (how could you not!) but if you're still scratching your head on what Fab exactly is, well...I'm here to tell you.

Fab is your go-to spot for all things fun and useful. From decorative art to adorn your walls to stylish clutches for a night out on the town, Fab is your one stop shop for bringing personality to every corner of your life.

I live my life pretty colorfully, but some things can get pretty mundane. You know how it is, boring coffee mugs (or cups!) or plain and simple accessories. Luckily, when I was figuring out how to Upgrade My Everyday, I stuck with tried and true items.

When I found these specific items, I knew I'd be featuring these on a regular rotation. I wear black...a lot. SO, this clean and modern watch is the perfect contrast in any outfit. Besides, any time I can not look at my phone for the time is a opportunity I'll take.

Next, I love accessories and purses, but I usually  go for crossbody bags. To switch things up a bit, I found this amazing tie-dye clutch from Katrin Reifeiss that adds a bit of personality and quirkiness to any outfit.

Another intense love of mine behind clothing is coffee. I usually can't function (nor want to!) without a cup of coffee. At work, we have compostable cups or stark white mugs but being the girl that I am, I want something inspiring to sip out of! Thus, I found these amazing Yes & No stackable mugs and these cozy, cobalt blue mugs. Perfect for coffees or lattes.

So, while these items aren't a major stretch they definitely add a bit more sparkle to my Monday through Friday. How would you Upgrade Your Everyday? Also, Fab is offering YOU a chance to win a$1000 shopping spree so you can do the same!

Have I piqued your interest? Check out more details and Upgrade Your Everyday here!



Note: This Fab contest ends on March 8, 2016. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on March 9, 2016. Fab will reach out directly to the winner via email to send $1,000 site credit.