Stripes & Dots

Aimee-3Aimee-5Aimee-15Aimee-16Aimee-12Aimee-1Aimee-7Aimee-2 Sweatshirt & Shirt: LACSON RAVELLO | Jeans , Bag & Slip On's: Old Navy

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Since I set foot in San Francisco almost 5 years ago, I've never stopped exploring.

From exploring new cafes, new locations to shoot, new brunch spots – I have a crazy curiosity for this city because it always happens to surprise me. So, that being said, when a designer from the Bay Area asks me to hang out and check out her amazing designs – well, I couldn't resist.

LACSON RAVELLO is a brand based out of the Bay Area and is known for distinct prints and signature details paired with clean, understated looks.

Their mentality to clothing is fashion that's central to your lifestyle – boyish yet feminine, cool but not trendy, chic yet effortless.

If you know my fashion aesthetic by now, well you can imagine how aligned with this thought I am! I'm always gravitating toward mixing patterns, textures, and silhouettes. My own personal mantra? The baggier the better. 

The brand just released their 2016 collection and well, it's everything I could dream of and more. Their striped Marinière Tee was a total no brainer (I love stripes!!) and offers a bit of quirkiness with vertical stripe side panels. To combat the San Francisco chills, I paired it with patchwork jeans and a Cotier Hoodie. Again, oversized, fleece, and with a hood. YES.

If you're lovin' these, check out more of the 2016 Spring collection today!


Photography via Tory Putnam