On The Run – Must Haves

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Hi Everyone!

If y'all know me, I run around like a mad woman on most days. From early morning workouts to coffee catch ups with my friends to after dinner happy hour and drinks, life can get a little chaotic. We all know how this goes.

Luckily, I carry a few things with me day in and day out to help ease the stress of everyday life. First up is a sturdy bag that's versatile and can go with almost anything. My favorite is a massive tote from Old Navy that's reversible. Yesssss!

Second, I always love having music close so my iPhone and headphones are with me constantly. Rockin' out to St. Paul and the Broken Bones just feels (and looks!) better when you have stylish headphones. Am I right?

Along with music, I always make sure to carry a book or some sort of reading material. When it comes to commuting, I fight the boredom blues with #GIRLBOSS or reading on my phone.

Lastly, my ultimate must-haves are of the beauty category. Some fragrance and deodorant when I'm a bit uh, stinky from the craziness of the day and my Vaseline Lip Therapy. It's been so chilly in San Francisco as of late, so I love using my Vaseline to help soothe my lips and cuticles (seriously! It works!). From the original to aloe to rosy lips, I love stashing a few in my bag when I'm feeling a chap coming on. Quite literally.

Looking for some on-the-go essentials like the Vaseline Lip Therapy tins? Don't fret. Stop by your local Target and snag a few! And if you're like me, you'll be picking up 15 other things while you're there. If you have self control (i'm impressed, if so), you can also go to Target.com and pick 'em up there!



Photography via Tory Putnam

Note: This post was created in partnership with Vaseline Lip Therapy