Galentine's Day – #GIRLBOSS EDITION

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Hi Everyone!

So, I'm a little delayed here, but that's okay. Valentine's Day was this past Sunday and well, regardless if you have a significant other or not – I hope you spent the day with someone you love (friends or lovahs).

While I did spend my Valentine's Day with someone special, I couldn't forget about my other main squeezes – my amazing lurdy friends.

I've been so stupidly lucky to have been able to meet some pretty phenomenal and inspiring women during my (almost) 5 years in San Francisco. These women come from all walks of life – from different backgrounds in different cities with different interests. I learn something new each and every time I see these people and I can't help but think how lucky we all have it. Truly.

The female blogging community can be rough and catty. We've all heard this. And if you know me, I have no time for bullshit. Zero. Luckily, the women I choose to surround myself with feel the same way. I think this mentality rocks and that we should support each other always.

So, a few weeks ago I was chatting with some bloggers about a Galentine's Day meet-up of sorts. You know, an early morning breakfast date where we drink gallons of coffee, nosh on delicious pastries a la Vive La Tarte, and connect.

Last Friday, we all gathered super early (way earlier than I'd like to on most days) and hung out. We talked about weekend plans, jobs, our favorite places in San Francisco and took a shit ton of photos. Wouldn't be a blogger meet-up without it, right?

Shout out to my main girl Tory for taking our photos and a big thank you to the ladies included (and not included!) for being thoughtful women with drive, compassion and a whole lot of 'tude.

Cheers to being a #GIRLBOSS! <3


Photos via Tory Putnam