Aimee (39 of 62)Aimee (47 of 62)Aimee (48 of 62)Aimee (57 of 62)Aimee (58 of 62)Aimee (62 of 62) Jacket, Sweater & Shoes: Forever 21 | Pants: Madewell via Crossroads Trading | Hat: H&M

Hi Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Since it's been pretty chilly in San Francisco, I've been bundling up more often than usual.

Luckily, I've been finding ways to stay cozy and still fairly fashionable without looking like a snowman. I've been so insanely obsessed with these Madewell jeans that I scored from Crossroads. I have to admit, I've always steered clear from Madewell jeans because they're so insanely expensive but I snagged them for more than half the price thanks to Crossroads. Bless y'all.

Along with the jeans, I've been wearing this awesome cropped jacket that is almost like wearing a thicker sweater. Top it off with a captain's hat and I look like I'm ready to ride the fashionable high seas!

Something around those lines, right?



Photography via Tory Putnam