Stripe Out

Aimee-16Aimee-24Aimee-18Aimee-29Aimee-19 Pants & Shoes: F21 (pants here) | Blouse: Uniqlo | Glasses: Warby Parker

There's something to say about pants that move with you instead of against you. Often times, I find my denim to be semi unreliable. After a heavy brunch or a boozy evening, my pants fit a liiiiiiittle tighter and I'm looking for something that won't give me increased guilt.

Luckily, these pants are SO comfortable, loose (bless it!) and easy to move in – perfect for walks around the neighborhood after said brunch.

I felt like I was in New York a little for these photos – didn't hate it. Speaking of! I'll be in NY in the next few weeks so if you have suggestions, send 'em my way!


Photos via Tory Putnam