Untitled-1 I've been in New York for a few days and to be honest, it's been really nice. I mean, really, really nice.

Okay, it's freezing. Well, if you consider 52 to be arctic. I'll just say  San Francisco's 65 degree temps and sunny weather have me a bit spoiled. And yeah, New York is a bit expensive. But like many people say, there's energy here. There are anxious commuters trying to make it to the office by 9 a.m., angry taxis trying to weave traffic, happy children en route to school, and hustlers makin' their dream a reality. And even better? Some of my closest friends are scattered throughout this city.

It's all exciting and new. Much like San Francisco was for me when I first moved there 4 years ago. I knew no one (really), didn't know my way around, and every experience was just experience. 

I always wondered if I made the right decision moving to San Francisco after school and not New York. Social media plays a big part in feeling this way, too. When I scroll through Instagram, I find friends posting the beautiful New York skyline, shenanigans at bars open past 2 a.m., Times Square Madness, and amazing food. It's hard not to compare.

But, after four years, San Francisco is my home. My safe haven. A place that constantly surprises and excites me. Sure, the bars aren't open until 2 a.m. and people aren't always so in a rush. But, in the end...maybe that's a good thing.