I've Been Drankin'

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Hi all,

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I like to explore. And even more than exploring, I love to eat and drink. One of my favorite activities in San Francisco is to pick out a neighborhood and explore new (to me!) bars and restaurants.

I wanted to share some note-worthy favorites and if y'all have any, please share!

Black Sands Brewery: Located in Lower Haight, Black Sands just opened only a few months ago but has made big waves in the 'hood. Their cocktails are rad (see above) and the ambiance is equally as cool. If you take a step in, you'll see a tiled skull in the doorway. Instagram-worthy for sure!

West of Pecos: First off, I love West of Pecos food. The guacamole is out of this world. Some of my other favorites? Their chopped harvest salad, huevos rancheros, and their (rather strong) house margarita.

House Rules: I LOVE deviled eggs. It's weird how much I like them, too. A lot of places do deviled eggs a disservice. House Rules, however, has mastered the deviled egg. Their drinks are phenomenal and some of my go-to's include "Recess" with Bourbon, pineapple syrup, and lemon juice and the "My Mule" with your choice of alcohol (mine? vodka!), ginger beer and lime juice.

Palm House: Hands down, Palm House has quickly become one of my favorites. Their food is insane, guys. The coconut crusted prawns, smoked cod tacos, and the spicy fries blew my mind. Also, their margaritas (do you see a theme here?) are delicious. Their chipotle mango margarita is a crowd favorite with chipotle infused tequila, mango, lime, and agave. Nom.

398 Brasserie: This trendy destination is located in Union Square, so it's perfect for happy hour drinks after work. They have a ton of food options (and a full dining area!) and their cocktail menu is full of drinks like Summer of 67 (above) and delicious drafts.

Archive Bar & Kitchen: This place used to (and still is) my go-to for happy hours in SOMA/FiDi. It's quaint on the inside, has outdoor seating, and a killer happy hour. Since my office used to be a block away, I always suggested going since it's a pretty easy place to get to. I love their frothy drinks (Atlas Apple above) and the happy hour food like their pizzas are awesome if you're looking for a quick bite.