What I Wore: OSL Day 3






Hi there!

I'll be recapping my weekend at Outside Lands last weekend for the next few days. It's always so fun going to music festivals because not only do I go for the music, I go to wander the food and observe the outfits. Now, i've been telling y'all that Golden Gate Park gets COLD at night. It's not Southern California and I felt (not really) for all the women and men who wore short shorts, cut-off t-shirts and high heels (yes...I saw high heels).

I've taken a more casual approach to the festival. Of course I want to look good. But I 100% want to stay warm when SF's weather is an unpredictable as Scott Disick. For Day 3, I was feelin' a bit exhausted from walking the grounds Friday and Saturday so I opted for Converse, a long dress from Forever 21 in a very sleek and minimal style and my massive Kate Spade Saturday denim jacket that I found at Crossroads Trading. Honestly, the chucks and the denim were ESSENTIAL. I paired a lot of it with scarves and hats when it got cold, but it was perfect.

Some highlights on Sunday? Well, I know The Black Keys played Saturday night (but I thought i'd throw myself a bone), but St. Paul and the Broken Bones really surprised me. So much soul packed into every song. Along with St. Paul, I loved Odesza (yasss!) and really enjoyed Mac Sabbath – a Black Sabbath cover band that dresses like evil McDonald's characters. They threw chicken nuggets and steam hot french fries into the crowd, so naturally I was a fan.

More coming tomorrow!




Photos via Scott Wisner