Easy Does It

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Dress & Purse: Forever 21 (love this dress option!)  | Jacket & Shoes: Target (perfect denim jacket situation here) | Hat: Crossroads Trading | Glasses: Warby Parker

Hi all,

Happy Tuesday! Hope it's lovely so far. So once again, I missed Coachella this year. It was a bit of a bummer, but i'm determined to go in 2016. Here's my vow of accountability.

Anyway, I have a feeling that the mixture of the afterglow of Coachella and warm weather in San Francisco has been leaving everyone feeling all sort of bohemian. So, why not join the crowd…right? I found this flowy dress a few weeks ago and it seemed almost too good not to buy. I love the pattern, the flowy sleeves, and movement of the entire dress. Admittedly, I was having a bad hair day and threw on this rad hat I found at Crossroads Trading and called it a day.