Thankful Thursday

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Hi Everyone!

I've been kind of shit about posting lately and to that i'm sorry. Sometimes, you know…life gets in the way. I often times need to "reset" and I love making "thankful lists" to do just that. My best friend Andi taught me that gratitude and being thankful is shown in various forms, but a list never hurts. Right?

Here it goes!

  • Early morning walks with old friends + coffee from Ritual + acai bowls!
  • Meeting new friends and finding inspiration! (Riva, i'm looking at you!)
  • The feeling of a killer workout – i've had 2 weeks of free SoulCycle thanks to work and am now obsessed
  • This upcoming weekend. I'm headed to Yosemite with my best friends and will be staying in a yurt! First timer! Any suggestions?
  • Catching up with blog friends and snacking on tasty Mediterranean from Amoura!
  • Upcoming volunteer opportunities (planting trees, writer's workshop, and more!)
  • Going to sleep at 10 p.m. (but seriously the best thing ever)
  • Having old friends from college visit
  • Feeling hydrated (small, but so important!)
  • Finding a song that goes with your mood and you feel like the stars are aligned
  • Upcoming trip to Chicago!